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Peace Partners International helps bring about a culture of peace by working with museums for peace, university peace studies programs, peace advocacy organizations, and businesses which help promote peace and justice. Peace Partners International maintains the world's largest on-line data sets for peace monuments, museums for peace, notable peacemakers, historic peace conferences, human disasters, and other peace-related topics. Peace Partners International supports other organizations and individuals by contributing to their websites, newsletters, workshops, and communications networks, particularly with respece to peace history, peace tourism, and experiential learning.

Here is our new book:

Book Cover Blankr Book Back Cover

This 75-page all-color book is NOW available in hardcover, paperback, Kindle, Nook, Apple iBook, and PDF editions.
Prices: Hardcover US$44.00. Paperback US$22.00. Kindle, Nook, iBook, Apple iBook, and PDF US$9.99.

Click here for book description, author bio, and ordering information (direct links to Bookstand Publishing,, Barnes & Nobel, and other on-line sources worldwide).

Click here for a detailed outline of this book listing key peace events, representative peace monuments & museums for peace.
Click here for names of the book's 416 peace monuments & museums grouped geographically, by physical form, by peace symbol & by theme or subject.
Click here for Table of Contents & Chapter 9 (1995-1999: Bells and Reconciliation), with photos of 32 monuments & museums. (Download in PDF format.)
Click here for a calendar based on the 12 images featured in this book & a long list of peace holidays & anniversaries.

Five Cover photos: (1) Statue of Mahatma Gandhi (1988), Vishnu Mandir & Canadian Museum of Hindu Civilization, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. (2) Peace Bell from Japan (1996), Sacher Park, Jerusalem, Israel. (3) Memorial to Victims of the Atomic Bomb at Hiroshima Municipal Girls High School (1948), Peace Boulevard, Hiroshima, Japan. (4) Dayton International Peace Museum (2005), Dayton, Ohio, USA. (5) US Holocaust Memorial Museum (1993), Washington, DC, USA.

Here are some of our reference data sets:

Peace Poster
Peace Monuments Worldwide.
More than 3,000 peace monuments
by theme, country/state & year.
Museums for Peace Worldwide.
About 500 museums for peace in 32 categories.
Monuments at the Peace Palace,
The Hague (Netherlands). Visited Sep-
tember 2-3, 2013, during the launch
of "Monumental Beauty."
Peace Monuments & Museums in
(Germany). Visited September 6-7,
2013, after the launch of "Monumental
in The Hague.
Article on Peace Monuments.
From the Oxford International
Encyclopedia of Peace
(Jan. 2010).
International Network
of Museums for Peace
History of the INMP since 1992.
Countries of the World.
Rank ordered by number
of peace monuments.
Notable Peacemakers.
More than 1,250 peacemakers
of all nationalities in birth order.
Peace Monuments on Book Covers.
131 book covers rank ordered by
date of monument.
Treaties Without the USA.
15 significant international organizations
& treaties"boycotted" by US Government.
Peace Monuments Artists.
More than 200 artists & patrons
in alphabetical order.
"International Friendship Bell."
Oak Ridge, Tennessee (1996) - Article
published by Univ. of Tennessee Press.
Classical Peace Art Worldwide.
In chronological order.
Peace Monuments Related to the
United Nations
. In chronological order.
Peace Monuments Bibliography.
Including museums for peace.
All Monuments Related to the
Atomic Bomb
. In chronological order.
Sample Peace Monuments Itinerary.
From Chicago to PJSA conference
in Winnipeg, Manitoba (Oct. 2010).
Human Disasters Worldwide.
300 man-made & natural disasters
rank ordered by number of deaths.
"Peace Monuments Assist Peace
From The Peace Chronicle,
PJSA newsletter (Winter 2009-2010).
Peace Walls & Murals Worldwide.
In chronological order.
Peace Conferences.
About 200 famous conferences of the
18th, 19th & early 20th centuries.
US Foreign Service. Monuments
of US diplomatic & consular history.
The Holocaust. 62 Holocaust museums
& Holocaust memorials worldwide.
International Network
of Museums for Peace
History of the INMP since 1992.
Oldest & Biggest Peace Monuments.
World Record Peace Monuments.
"Palestine, Israel & Other Tragedies,"
PowerPoint Presentation on January 3, 2012.

Here is some of our work on peace tourism:

Peace Poster
"Peace Tourism: Peace as a Destination."
Draft paper for United Nations
World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).
"From the Ohio River to the Detroit River:
A Case Study of Peace Tourism (or Lack Thereof)."

Draft for UN World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).
Table of 100 Peace Monuments & Museums
in the Study Area (Ohio River to Detroit River).

By Date (x-axis) & Location (y-axis).
"Peace in the Heartland: A hypothetical tour of 15 peace stories
in western Ohio."
IndianWar, Slavery, Communities, Holocaust,
Hiroshima, Peace Museum, World Peace Bell, Environment, etc.

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